Hair Ideas

Im leaning towards having it all up. I just dont want to be messing with it at all during the day.

These two are compliments of Heather…

I want it totally out of my face… I think this is a good down option.


6 thoughts on “Hair Ideas

  1. i like the hair down idea… it looks good on you. maybe the hair like at casey’s wedding shower you had with the headband combo…do youknow what i mean?

    • Ya thats a good idea Olivia…
      BTW. I ordered your skirts… they are being shipped to me, so that if i hate them I can return them… Today Im going to go to American Apparel to check out their lace body suits… Ill call yo to let you know how it goes…

  2. I like Olivia’s idea, but I think that Mollys dress really flatters her neckline and I think by leaving her hair down she would be detracting from that. Just a thought though….

  3. I LOVE 2 and 3. Are you going back to blonde for the wedding? Or you might have actually since I’ve seen you! haha. And I agree out of the face would probably make you more comfortable.

  4. I agree with Olivia and Casey. You do look amazing with your hair down but I think up would really show off your face as well as your color bone. Also another thing to consider is that it is out side, therefore there is always the chance of wind. Just something to think about. I think 3 would look amazing but I would have to say 2 is my favorite.

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