Some Hair Accessories

So, in theory I want a hair accessory. Although I have not decided how I want to wear my hair yet. I asked Joe what he thought about my hair, and of course he was no help. Here are some of my current favorite accessories.


Bardot old hollywood crystal and silk headpiece or sash- custom made to orderNEW Susan.  Off White  Vintage style headband(silver)

White Bridal Headband or Wedding Dress Sash with Lace and Pearls, Custom Colors

This site has a lot of good options, unfortunatly I cant pull any of the images. Have fun looking though (especially you, Beka and Heather!)


5 thoughts on “Some Hair Accessories

  1. I think the beaded ones are very pretty and elegant. I havn’t seen the belt on your dress so I can’t compare the two…but as for personal fav’s I think the 2cd to last one is gorgeous and would look good with your dress as a whole….

  2. I see what you are saying about the top one matching the best, but I’m loving the lace inspired headband with the broch-type thing attached to it. I don’t know why, but that one screams you to me over the rest.

  3. I think you should do your fav. head band with the middle hair do. i think that you should just wear your hair up and swept back. i also think that maybe you should just wear a broach in your hair because I could be too much with the belt, ya know? I am wondering how that head band will look with the belt that you got. Would you want them to match? What about earrings?
    If you haven’t decided, I think you should just do a small little bling* because it would look really good with your collar bones and your hair up. you should just call me and we can talk.

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