I have been thinking about jewelry…

So… since my dear cousin Rachel’s wedding over the weekend I’ve been in hyper wedding mode. And today, I’m excited about jewelry… bear with me.

So, initially this was my inspiration. I think they may be too pink. And I had not planned on gold, but god they’re pretty.

Luminesce earrings

These are from J Crew. They are $48, which is totally do-able. I went to J Crew to look at them, and they only had them in the other color, I just don’t want them to be too pink…

Then as suggested by my lovely friend Casey, I started looking at http://www.etsy.com. Which, of course turned into a night long activity. But, here is what I’ve found

Alice Bridal Ivory Pearl Earrings. Swarovski

These are $49, and again, totally doable. I like the shape of the other ones better. I’m not sure how dangely I want to go. Here is the link to the rest of the jewelry by this designer.


ATHALIE Handmade Lace Wedding Earrings- Freshwater Pearl, Vintage Rhinestone, Quartz Crystal- MADE TO ORDER
I like these minus the dangling thing. They are $89. Which is a little more than i was looking to spend on earrings.

Amanda Earrings- Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

These are $54. And I think the shape is kinda great.

AIGLENTINE Wedding Earrings- Freshwater Pearl, Vintage Rhinestone and Handmade Silver Lace- Made to Order

I like these a lot… but they are $95. Which is too much… maybe?


2 thoughts on “I have been thinking about jewelry…

  1. i don’t think that’s too much to spend on earings for your wedding…depends on what other jewelry you’re going to get i guess. if you want some other inspiration, check these out from Poppy in Columbia:



    or this chick’s line is gorgeous but it’s def on the expensive side…http://poppyarts.com/jamiecassavoyslotusflowerearrings3.aspx

    otherwise i’m loving your options!!

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