So,  I’d never really intended on doing traditional floral centerpieces.  I always thought candles and what ever… And then I saw these!


Why these are great:

A: I can make them myself for about $30 for like 50 (This is a rough estimate).  All they are is yarn, glue and starch. You blow up a balloon wrap the yarn around it. Use a paint brush to paint on the glue, spray with starch and pop the balloon. After it is dry of course. AWESOME!

The I could put flowers in them if I wanted or just surround them with candles. AWESOME!

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


One thought on “Centerpieces

  1. YES!! These are very light and pretty, and I think $30 for 50 of them is not bad at all. Hobby Lobby has sales every week somethings 50% off. The only thing I would suggest is waiting until closer to the wedding to make them incase they go flat.

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