Some Great New DIY Home Blogs!

So today on my second day off I have discovered some great and beautiful DIY Home blogs. First up was let to me by this post…

The 36th Avenue

Loving the Dollar $tore.

The author is redecorating her powder room and came up with this beautiful idea…

These are bath petals!

These would make beautiful wedding decorations for a DIY bride!

The next blog is called Dont Disturb This Grove

This was the project that attracted me to her…

Felt Flower Petal Pillow

These could also make beautiful wedding decorations Im not sure what I would use them for yet, but I will think of something creative. Maybe, the flowers could be placed down the isle in a variety of sizes and colors.

The Third is Called The Shabby Nest

The author has done beautiful work with her own home.

Master Bedroom

And a great place to find all sorts of DIY Home ideas is The DIY Club




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