What Color Should I Paint This?

Help, I can’t decide what color to paint the console table in our living room. Too broke to buy a new one, I’m going to paint it and add a new knob to the drawer.

Here is the piece.

My initial thought was to paint it white, for a very clean traditional look with maybe a funky knob. But, then I started looking around and I have been thinking about these colors… They kinda go with a vintage map I have hanging near the console table. The walls are a bluish grayish color…

Here is the wall art I have hanging near the table.

Map of London

SW6914 Eye Catching

Eye Catching

SW6920 Center Stage

Center Stage

SW6868 Real Red

Real Red

SW7005 Pure White

Pure White

Thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “What Color Should I Paint This?

  1. I would go with white, or have you seen the silverish color stands they have been doing lately with the mirrored drawers? It would be more work, but I wonder if somehow you could do that with maybe a glass knob or something. Pier One has some cute ones if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about.

  2. Picking paint colors is so difficult! I’m going through a similar problem with the walls in my living room/kitchen and have been so indecisive. I like the green too, but I don’t know if I would want that much of a pop. Maybe paint the base white (or white-gray) and then the little circular knobs around it and frame of the drawer green? It might take a little more finesse, but could give the pop of color you want without going too crazy.

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