Real Wedding- Beka and Derrick Jefferson City, Missouri

This weeks real wedding takes place last spring in a small town in Missouri outside Jefferson City. This was a very DIY, budget conscious wedding. And, man, did it turn out gorgeous!

The couple met in Brazil a few years back at a school for missionary’s children and spent the first years of their relationship living long distance.

Their entire wedding is very eclectic and shabby chic which totally works for this out of the box bride. The bride’s father daughter dance was to ‘Do You Love’ me by the Contours. The brides father is a sensational man who has always been eager to make people laugh. I don’t know if he will ever get such a rise again. The pair did their best to dance as ridiculously as possible for as long as they could (the song is surprisingly long). The moment became more of a father/daughter dance-off than a father daughter dance.

They were married in her parents front yard and saved on food by ordering a roasted pig and making many of the sides themselves. Beka collected milk glass vases and antique candy dishes from antique stores for their for nine months in order to have enough for each table. All set up and take down was handled by family and friends.

Photography- Veronica Hanna Photography

Floral Designs- Russleville Florals

Roasted Pig- Russleville Meat Locker

Bridesmaid Dresses- J Crew


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