Gifts for your girls

Bridesmaid’s gifts can sometimes become an after thought. Well, an after a lot of money has already been spent thought anyway. But, there is a solution to the hum drum everyone gets identical monogrammed whatevers. Etsy. Etsy has so many wonderful unique vendors that truly make bridesmaid gift buying easy on both your mind and your wallet (especially if your bridesmaids aren’t exactly conventional). Here are a few nifty little tokens.

Twig Ring By Twilight Eyes Studio $32

White Druzy Winter Wonderland Earrings by OhKuol $85


Shimmering Pearl Round Silver Locket by M Stevenson Designs $84.50


Appricot Cream Vintage Earrings Bracelet by Dot Stitch $32.50


Antique Pocket Watch Necklace by Beauty Spot $25

Have fun buying bridesmaid gifts!


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