Introducing: 28 Sets In 28 Weeks

I’ve been feeling sort of , well, lacking in achievement. Without starting my very own pity party, I’m just going to fill you in on my solution.


When I picture a completely successful woman; she is well read in both literature and news, goes to yoga and jogs, a complete homemaker, an achieved career woman, beautiful and creative. This is the kind of woman I strive to be (though I know perfection is not a reality).

While most of these things aren’t entirely achievable at this point in my life, there is one factor I can work toward. This ideal woman has all matching sets of bras and panties! And, her under-things are all laid out perfectly in a lined dresser drawer.

Claire, from Janet Fitch’s White Oleander, was the total image of perfection (though her life was tragic and not at all perfect).

In the right two drawers were hidden her silk things, in light mid-tones, champagne and shell pink and ice blue, slips and night-gowns, bras and panties that matched. Everything folded and tucked with sachets….

I loved that. Her sense of order, graceful and eccentric, little secrets women knew, lingerie bags and matching underwear.

To the Point:

I am going to achieve a full collection of matching lingerie. Once a week I am going shopping to find good deals and good quality. I am going to outline all of the items necessary to meet all wardrobe needs. I will shop at all sorts of stores except Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret is out of this project for many reasons. A: It is obvious. Anyone can shop there. They are everywhere, and I’m trying to find alternatives. B: I don’t believe in their quality. I’ve had numerous bras and underwear simply wear out and fall apart way too soon. C: I believe they are over priced. $60 for a bra is simply too much money for this thrifty girl to spend. D: I don’t like the message I think they send to women. The original Bomb Shell Bra commercial essentially said that in order to be sexy you need to be two cup sizes larger. I don’t like that. I want them to promote enhancing who women are naturally. Positive messages about female body issues are few and far between, and honestly I would love it if the lingerie conglomerate could be an advocate for women.

Off the Soap Box:

I am also going to try to define quality through this project. I’m going to take a hard look at the materials undergarments are made out of and anything else I discover goes into quality.

Why 28?

My editorial board (aka the girls I waitress with) and I decided that in order to have enough sets to meet every out fit necessity and last skipping a laundry day we decided 28 is the number. Maybe it is a little high, but I want to be thorough. I want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I am hoping by the end of this six month project I will feel some sort of accomplishment and satisfaction. I totally understand that this is a totally materialistic juncture. I also understand that I should not base my happiness on materialistic achievements. But, I need a project. An achievable project. And, who knows what else I will learn about myself and my goals during this process.


Please if anyone has any comments, questions, concerns or helpful advice I am more than grateful to read and respond. So, let’s get shopping.


11 thoughts on “Introducing: 28 Sets In 28 Weeks

  1. I love this. Materialistic things don’t have to be inherently bad. The very reason we amass so much shit is that it makes us happy in some way to do so; being a consumer in a self-aware way isn’t a bad thing. I miss you! Good luck!

  2. This sounds fun! And I completely agree with you on the issue of Victoria’s Secret not encouraging positive body image in the least. Recently there was an article about what a diet of one of the model’s is, particularly, leading up to the annual runway show, and it’s very unhealthy, to say the least. I don’t know how they do it, and how they don’t pass out on the catwalk. The company only encourages it, from what I understand. I realize that’s what the fashion industry requires, but since the majority of VS customers are normal women, they need to be more mindful of that, because they do kind of dominate the lingerie world and have a lot of influence.

  3. Molly, where did you come up with this idea? I haven’t personally shopped at Kohls, but I heard that they have great quality lingerie for very affordable prices. I realize everyone can shop there, so I’m not sure if that would be off your list too. Twenty-eight is a huge number, so good luck!! Also – not that you would want to post pictures of your underwear online, but it would be interesting to update us everyweek on what you found, how much you spent/saved, the quality, etc. Just an idea though!!

    • Lee Lee, I am going to shop at big name stores. Just not Victoria’s Secret. I am going to post pictures every week of what I find. I’m going to totally document this entire process. I understand essentially everyone will know what all my underwear will look like. Haha. But, I guess something has to give. Thanks for the support!

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