The First Step to 28 Sets in 28 Weeks: Cleaning Out Your Drawers

This is going to be embarrassing for me. And actually, I am feeling so embarrassed about it that I really wasn’t sure I could show the world how bad my drawers have gotten. I’m fairly good about cleaning out everything else in my wardrobe except my undergarments. I included my tights/socks drawer too because that may have been the worst of them all.

So I pulled all three drawers out of my dresser and threw them on the bed. Seeing all the junk in them all together really made a big difference. I had been pretty good about cleaning out my bra drawer (I don’t know why that one is easier than the others). But, I had underwear and socks in these drawers that I probably bought 5 years ago. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who has let it get this bad. It’s not like I wore any of these old things, I just didn’t throw them away.

All three drawers before the clean out.


Sock, Tights, Leggings, Ect.

Bras & Underwear


I essentially made three piles; throw away, give away and keep. I neatly folded all of the keep and put it back in the drawers as I went. I threw out all socks with holes in them, all socks without a match and all of the old underwear that didn’t still have tags on them (I got a lot of cheesy underwear from my bachelorette party that I’d never wear or was the wrong size). I gave away all of the bras (a worn bra is better than no bra I figure), all the tights and leggings that are a little rough but wearable and the unworn still tagged underwear.

And this is the result.

Fancy Things (Lingerie), Bathing Suits, White Socks, Tights in the back, and Dark Socks


Neat Panties I'm now down to 26 here. There are more in the laundry.


BRAS! There are three more that are in the laundry.


The Give Away Bag!


Bras I'm giving away



So here it is, my great confession. The embarrassment of my dresser drawers. I don’t know why I’ve always been so terrible about cleaning all of this out. I clean out my closet and other clothes regularly.

So, now it’s time to start fresh.  I feel refreshed. This feeling is addictive. In the last few days I’ve cleaned out all the closets in the house. While there are only 4 in our little apartment, they are a very full 4.

So please, shall any clean out stories you have. They really do inspire me.



One thought on “The First Step to 28 Sets in 28 Weeks: Cleaning Out Your Drawers

  1. I know it’s too late for those, but I would loveif next time you throw away clothes in the trash, if you could take the picture of them once in the trash can with all the regular garbage around ? Thank you 🙂

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