Week One Review: Four Stars

Yes, I do understand that it has been over a week since I bought week one’s set. But, I wanted to wear it twice to get an accurate feel for it. The first time I wore them I really wasn’t very sure about the bra. When I tried it on in the store it seemed to fit just fine. Then when I was trying to adjust all of the straps and things when I got home the cups just simply did not seem to give complete coverage.

I washed the bra by hand and tried to sort of  reshape it as I did so. This significantly helped. The second time I wore the bra, it fit great. The straps are a little bit thicker than average which really adds to the comfort level.

I have another bra from GAP that is not a push up and I think the cups fit little bit better.

The panties I bought truly were a steel. They are definitely one of the most comfortable pairs of panties I’ve ever owned. They don’t ride up at all and they are very very soft for synthetic lace. I LOVE THEM! They are often on the 5 for 25 table too!

I’m definitely going to use GAP again for maybe a less practical set. GAP Body always lays everything out so nice. It is easy to find what you’re looking for. It is always bright and clean in the stores and the sales associates never seemed bothered if you ask them for help. So at the end of the day, I highly recommend it. Make sure the bras fit correctly is my only advice. Other than that the quality seems great. I’ll let you know if anything major happens to deter me from this rating.




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