Week 3: Simple and Smooth and White

I normally do not have a hard time finding time to shop. I am a natural browser. This, makes it very easy for me to know when and where sales are happening and where would be best for each item. Due to the Christmas season, however, I am exhausted of shopping. I simply cannot walk into another department store or another mall-like situation right now.

I decided I’d look into the ‘Bargain Stores.’ By this I mean TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack and Filene’s Basement. I typically love these stores and find great deals at them, but lately either they’ve been lacking or my enthusiasm for looking through the racks has been.

Marshall’s is my favorite. I find the greatest stuff there. The lingerie section was a wreck, though. Almost nothing wearable in the whole disorganized mess. You always have to really search at Marshall’s (for anything). But, the lingerie section was so pathetic. A: All the bras were like D’s or DD’s. B: No sets (okay there was one set but it was hideous). C: The quality of almost everything seemed cheap.

Nordstrom Rack was not really my next pick but the next geographically in terms of my walk. Nordstrom Rack normally has nicer stuff than TJ Maxx and Marshall’s but with a much heaftier price tag. I was expecting nice out of my price range stuff. And, boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

It was such a great experience. There were so many recognizable brands (which I don’t need but it is comforting when you feel like you need a break from shopping), and neatly organized in sets. Their sale rack was organized very well by size. It was the best system I’ve ever seen for organizing so many bras.

What I found:

I settled on a white set by Calvin Klein. Both are made out of a very smooth fabric that feels so comfortable. They are both perfectly plain, which everyone needs.

The Bra has a front closure and is a racer-back. It is not a push up but it is well lined, and has an underwire. It is made of 76% Nylon and 24% Elastane. It should be hand washed. The fabric is so soft! And I got it for $16.97

The Panties are basic white bikini style, perfect for the everyday whatever. They are also made from 76%Nylon and 24% Elastane. They are machine washable and dryer safe. They were only $7.97. This is a little bit more than I would typically spend on one pair of panties, but they are so soft!

The best part about this set is that they are tag-less! No tags at all!

I am totally thrilled with this purchase. It’s not the best deal I’ve ever gotten, but they did have really frilly stuff that was all about the same price. I even found a similar set to the one I got last week at Target that I do like better. I also got to have a nice little talk with a sales associate about what I’m doing here.

The Lace was actually off white in person, not pink.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be venturing there again. I’ll even try Marshall’s again (I just need to know when they get new stuff in).

Hope this was a good one folks! I liked it!


2 thoughts on “Week 3: Simple and Smooth and White

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