Week 2 Review: Three Stars


Last week I bought a very pretty set from Target. I was very frustrated by my shopping experience, as you remember. I could not find more than one bra that was my size. I should not have bought anything at all. But, I thought a slightly larger size would fit fine. But, after wearing the bra for a few hours, it does not really fit at all. The middle band stretched out a little and the straps don’t hold the cups close to your body.

I understand that the above is all my fault for letting myself get frustrated and settling.

The shoulder straps have these cute little bows on them and then it splits into two little straps (It looks very cute). The backing of the bow is scratchy. This wasn’t the biggest deal, and it didn’t bother me for very long.

The panties are very nice, however. They are very comfortable and very pretty. I have nothing bad to say about them.

I am going to try Target again. But, the next time I go I think I might try a different Target and try to stick with something more basic and less frilly. They did have some really nice looking 100% cotton sets that I was eying.


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