Week Four: Merry Christmas Lacy and Red

Merry Christmas everyone!

The goal for this week was to find a red set (I guess I could have gone green and saved red for Valentine’s Day) that was on sale and still practical enough to wear on the everyday. Well, everyday you’re not wearing white.

I was on my way to Banana Republic to buy a Christmas Eve Dress when I passed the GAP and noticed they were having a huge sale! You know, thus far, GAP is my favorite! So I went just to see what I could see.

It was amazing! They were having 40% off of everything already marked down. And, almost everything was already marked down! My goal initially was that I should try to shop somewhere new  every week,  until I ran out of ideas and then I could start repeating, but then I saw a pretty red set. And, IT WAS IN MY SIZE! How could I leave? How could I pass it up? It was so pretty and so cheap!

Well I left.

I went to Banana Republic and bought a very pretty purple Christmas Eve dress. I planned to go downtown then and try a department store. But, as I left Banana Republic it started to rain! I took this as an automatic sign and I went straight back to GAP and bought the pretty red set! HAZA!

I’d like to take this moment to apologize for taking so long to tell that story. I just thought it was necessary that you know I truly had the best of intentions, but I just couldn’t pass up such a deal.

What I found:

The Bra has lace quarter cups, a sort of satin band and satin straps. It is not a push-up (probably the only thing I would change about this bra if I could. It is very comfortable and there is a tiny little button between the cups. It is made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The bra is hand wash only and line dry. The bra was originally priced at $44.95, the sale price was $26.99 and I got it for $16.19!

Yes my nail polish matches!

The Panties are a lace thong with a satin waist band. There is a tiny little red bow on the waste band. It is really cute. They are made of 100% nylon. They are machine washable and dryer safe! That’s always such a plus! The original price of the thong was $19.95, the sale price was $9.99 and I got it for $5.99!

I could not get as many pictures in the store this time because of all the extra sales associates around. The experience was very pleasant, though there were certainly not as many options this time due to the sale. This was to be expected but, I looked a bit and I didn’t find another set in my size that was on sale.

This whole set is so pretty and I only spent $22.18 on it! I love a deal, and I love the GAP!


2 thoughts on “Week Four: Merry Christmas Lacy and Red

  1. Based on this post I stopped in at Gap. Let me start at the beginning, though. Every year for one night of Chanukah, I give my daughter underwear. Panties, bras, sets, lots of undies. I usually start buying them during the fall, and always have way too much. This year it was all already wrapped, but… your post… and there was Gap, right there. I went in and was amazed at the savings. All clearance (or sale, I don’t remember) was 60% off. I found two beautiful sets. One gray lace bra with a polka dot gray thong with lace edges. One a champagne/pinkish/blush lace bra with three tiny buttons, and a pair of blush mesh panties. The blush bra started out at $39.50, just to give you the starting point. I walked out with all four items (and a chap stick) for an amazing $28.00. It is all gorgeous! And, she loves it. Thanks for the tip!

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