Week 3 Review: Five Stars


Last week I purchased a white smooth Calvin Klein set from Nordstrom Rack. It was a totally perfect set. It took me a while to get used to the racer-back and get the straps the right length, but once I did I was thrilled.

The whole set is super comfortable. It doesn’t dig into you at all. I was sort of worried about the front clasp, since I can’t adjust the band, but it was elastic enough so it worked out just fine.

The panties are so soft and so comfortable. The fabric is so light that you hardly notice you’re wearing them. The fabric seems like it would be great to wear while working out too, like the fabric seems to be pretty breathable and would handle sweat really well.

The only things I wish I could change about the bra are the front clasp and I do wish it was a push up (just because push-ups are my personal preference).

But, the truth of the matter is I can’t find anything wrong with this set at all. I love it. Way to go Calvin Klein and Nordstrom Rack!



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