Boudoir Inspiration and Things to be Thankful For

To sort of get my motor running today I’m sharing this hilarious vintage corset advertisement. It was printed in 1904. The artwork is fantastic. It is for sale if anyone is interested.

I think it is absolutely hilarious and horrifying all at the same time. They are advertising a new corset that has new steel sides so it will never rip down the side again! That sounds fantastic! Except, for the part about wearing steel so that I can truly suck myself in to make me look like a mutant. So today, let’s all be totally thankful that we don’t have most of the problems these women have. Least of all, we don’t have to buy or wear corsets and so we certainly don’t have to worry about them ripping down the side.

"What's the Matter Annie?" says the one on the right. "Oh, this Wretebest corset has broken down the sides again," says the one on the left. "I never have that problem. I wear Armorside and it never breaks down the side," says the one on the right.

The Unbreakable Hip!

This piece is pretty cool huh! It is for sale on Etsy for $22.99.


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