I assumed there would be really big sales this week, with the holidays being over. I was going to go to Macy’s to see what the department stores had to offer. But, on my walk to Macy’s I saw all of these huge sales signs outside of Top Shop.


So, I went in. I didn’t even really know if they had lingerie. The few times I’d been to the store, they didn’t have prices that fit my very very low budget. I immediately saw their lingerie sale section, it was sort of small and pretty messy. I really didn’t see anything coming of it. The more I looked through everything the more I saw that could work. Not every bra had a matching panty, not every bra was in my size (they were mostly either DD or A) but they were pretty.

I settled on an off white satin set. The bra has sort of bustier cups with a ruffle across the top and a little bow in the middle. The panties have the same ruffle around the legs and it has a sheer back that has some gathering and the same little bow.


Let’s Break it down:

The Bra:

The bra’s materials are sort of listed in a very confusing way. Essentially it is made of Silk,  Polyamide, Elastane and Polyester. It seems really soft and the under-wire isn’t super prominent. The bra is not a push up (I’m trying to get used to the non push up).  I think this is going to be pretty comfortable. We’ll see. The bra was originally priced at $40 and I got it for $20.


The Panties:

The panties are full coverage. The front of the panties is the same fabric as the front of the bra. The back of the panties is sheer and has some gathering with a little bow in the back also. They are made of  essentially all of the same things except part of them are made of cotton (probably the lining). I wear regular bikini more often then I wear thongs or boy shorts. The panties were originally priced at $12 but I got them for $6.

I thought that fifty percent off was a good price for both of these items. I had a fairly pleasant experience shopping at Top Shop, even with the craze of the sale.

Review to follow soon!


5 thoughts on “Week 5: TOP SHOP SALE!

  1. Hey Molly, I love all your picks so far. I was wondering about this store Top Shop I am not familiar with this store could you let me know where it is located?

    • Top Shop is on Michigan Avenue and Pearson. It’s in the building Boarders used to be in. Chicago and NYC are the only two cities in the US that have a Top Shop. Otherwise you have to shop on-line.

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