Week 5 Review: Three Stars

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I’m going to go out shopping for Week 6! Can you believe I’ve already been doing this for 6 weeks?

Last week I went to Top Shop and bought a shiny silky perfectly bridal set. The set fits great! It makes me look great too! This is probably one of the more flattering sets I’ve bought.

The bra, while it fits great, it isn’t very comfortable for very long. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear it during a long sweaty work day again. The under-wire doesn’t seem to be very prominent when you first try it on, but after a couple hours it’s really starting to dig in. The way these cups are shaped, the under-wire goes all the way into the center of your chest. I’ve had other bras that were like this before (they’re normally convertible bras or strapless), but they didn’t dig into my ribs quite this bad.

The panties are VERY comfortable. I worked an 11 hour shift the day I wore this set, and I didn’t notice anything about the panties. They didn’t ride up (which I was worried about with the gathering in the back)! I have nothing to note on or complain about, other than they were very comfortable.

So, I think the bra will be a better option for days I’m not working 11 hours in a restaurant sweating. We’ll see. Overall I’m still really pleased with this set, mainly cause I think I look great in it! I felt really good about myself all day, which is hard after 11 hours in a smelly sweaty restaurant.

Wish me luck for shopping today!


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