Week 6: Blush From Nordstrom

First of all, I splurged a little bit today. I’ll explain how I justified it later. I went to Nordstrom today and had the best customer service experience I may have ever had in any store buying anything.

I thought there would be a good sale. I was wrong.

The sales girl’s name was Molly (automatically I knew this was going to be a winning experience) and she was so ready and excited to help me. And, not in the fake excited plastered on fake smile way either. She explained to me that most of their bras had matching panties, but most of them weren’t arranged together. She told me that she thought it would be easiest to pick out some bras to try on and then she’d find the matching panties for the ones I liked. Perfect!

The Lingerie Department on the 4th Floor. Picture is blurry cause I was moving while taking it.

I tried on a lot of bras. A lot! Most of them fit really well, and a lot of them were over $50. I am not spending more than $50 on one of the pieces. I’ll spend up to that, or that combined. But, I’m not spending $68 on a bra. There were two sets that I settled on, that I thought for the money I would wear often. One nude with white details and a white with nude detailed boyshort panty. They were much more cotton than anything I’ve bought so far, and I liked that. But, boyshorts are actually my least favorite style. So I chose the other; a perfectly blush lace set by On Gossamer.

This is the first set of bras she brought me to try on.

What I found:

The bra is  the Boudoir Blooms in Champagne. There is a twist between the cups allowing for more comfort (this is the place I always feel pinching). The bra is made of 76% Nylon, 17% Spandex and 7% Rayon. The bra was $48 (ouch!).

The panties are Champagne Gossamer Mess Hip-G. They are super soft and see through which makes them perfect for wearing under a white dress, or tight jeans. They are made of 100% Nylon and are hand wash only. They were $16. I could have gotten 2 or $30, but decided against it.

I am aware that this is about twice as much as I normally spend on a set, but the bra is still about the same price as most of the bras at Victoria’s Secret and I can already tell the quality is better. I don’t think I’ll ever spend more than this on a set. This was pushing it a little bit. But, I do believe that everyone needs a good pretty skin tone set. One that you’ll want to wear.

Thoughts about this purchase are much appreciated. If this was at all helpful, or not helpful, please let me know.


One thought on “Week 6: Blush From Nordstrom

  1. So far (just by looks and reading your blog) this is my favorite set you have purchased. It looks both comfortable for everday wear, but a little bit sexier too! Can’t wait to see the review, I think it will be worth the splurge!

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