Feature: 100 Layer Cake Marketplace

I hope all of you read 100 Layer Cake. This is one of my top 5 favorite wedding blogs, for sure. But, these folks have so much else going on other than just blogging. They have a place where they feature vendor sales (you can actually purchase things here, a whole vendor guide, a DIY center and a place where newly weds can essentially sell their unneeded wedding accessories.

The Market Place has everything from vintage typewriters to gowns.  Anyone can go on craigslist and list an item and maybe have it bought for a good price. I feel like it is a much more unique experience selling/buying on 100 Layer Cake because the seller and the buyer know that their items will be or were previously appreciated by a couple with similar style. It creates a community for unique indie inspired couples.

Here are a few of my favorite items currently listed.

Romantic Yellow and Gray Vintage Wedding Rosette Backdrop $155


Lots of Milk Glass Vases $125


Intricate Birdcage Veil $100


California Poppy Chipboard Place Cards $23


I hope some of you newly engaged indie inspired couples find this helpful. They truly have some great stuff at great prices! Have fun!


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