DIY Wish List: Paper Wheel Wall Art

Lately I’ve been seeing these paper wheel flowers everywhere! And, I love them. I love them so much I might use them as regular home decor.

I love this pallet.

I’m going to go out and look for papers tomorrow, and see if I can find some really pretty papers in either yellow or orange patterns (maybe both?). I’m not picky (my home currently has literally no color pallet).

I love the old book pages. I thought I could use old maps too.


I’ve seen several tutorials on how to do them, and it totally seems plasable for my lack of talent. I have yet to see exactly how they are hung, but I think I may get some straight push pins and pin them directly into the wall.

I think in most of the weddings I’ve seen they’ve been hung from the ceiling. But I’m pretty sure I’d really mess that up. I think I can make them look better layered if I pin them into the wall.


They do look really cool all the same color too!

I really can’t wait to start this project! I think it will be fun and easy and immediately gratifying. I don’t know what sort of pallet I’m going to use, or exactly where I’m going to put them. But, I am waiting to pick a paint color for my console table until I decide put these up. If my apartment ends up being very multi-colored, will that be okay? Look forward to how silly this gets!



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