Online Shopping: How Do We Feel?

Today I’m considering shopping for week 7 online. I normally don’t shop online because I can’t exactly be sure about what I’m getting. There is going to be an Affinitas Intimates sale on Haute Look today. Affinitas is typically not priced super high, but it is a little more than I typically like to spend (Bras about $40 panties about $18). Their stuff looks really cute, fun and still sexy.

I feel like there are going to be times this winter where I find it hard to make it outside (with the devastatingly cold Chicago typically throws in my face), and today is going to be one of the last beautiful days in Chicago (It’s going to be like 50 degrees and sunny all day. And, It’s January!) so I feel like I should just stay outside as much as I can today. Not, that I can’t find plenty of things to do outside.

I could use some advice here. Please let me know your thoughts on online shopping for lingerie.



3 thoughts on “Online Shopping: How Do We Feel?

  1. Molly, I think you should go ahead and shop online! it would be a good experiment. and even though the price is higher than you like, it would be comforting to have a special something under all those layers!

  2. While shopping online with anything else, I would agree with Natalie… BUT Bra sizes – while you know what you would typically wear – differ, so it is hard to spend $40 when you haven’t tried it on. Good Luck!!

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