DIY Paper Pin Wheels

Most people use these paper pinwheels as a wedding backdrop or in a mobile in a child’s room. I however am attempting to use them as grown up apartment home decor. So far, I really love them.

All You Need:

Scrapbook Paper or Any Other Fun Paper  (2 12 x12 sheets or 3 8×11 for each wheel)

A box cutter, Xacto Knife, or really good sizors

A Stapeler or Good Glue like Rubber Cement

String or Long Pins to hang them

Step One:

Fold The Paper Back and Forth on the Long Side


Step 2:

Fold the strip in half, and Cut your design into the ends and middle


Step Three:

Staple or glue all the ends together so that the staples are to the back.


Step 4:

Hang them Up! I know a lot of people prefer stringing the wheels, but that seemed like extra work to me. I prefer to pin them where I like them. I used corsage pins so that the wheels stand away from the wall a little bit, which makes it easier to layer them.


This project is over all very easy, although a bit time consuming. I’m going to add many more, and try to find some old books that I can use pages from. I am having a great time with this project so far! All of the supplies have only cost me $32 all together (I didn’t have to buy staples or the box cutter though).

Let me know if you have any questions about this process. I’ll keep updating as I add to the wall. I am going to paint the console table under the mirror the same orange. YAY! So excited!


8 thoughts on “DIY Paper Pin Wheels

  1. Ooo pretty – now I want to try it on my ridiculously high ceilinged place – over the headboard?! PS you need some color on those walls girl! Little known fact that in most rentals – you’re totally allowed to paint – you’ll either just have to paint over it yourself or get charged like I did once…but it was totally worth it!

      • OOO that sounds super pretty! ps totally buying paper to make some of these tonight! trying to decide what colors to do in my lavendar/white/brown bedroom…i’m thinking more white…with patterns of grey and a lighter lavendar maybe…it’ll all depend on what they have at hobby lobby i guess! 🙂

  2. I found your how-tofrom Pintrest. Although I hadn’t planned on using them as wall art, I might now! I’m making some for my daughter’s third birthday party, but when we’re done I may as well pin them to her bedroom wall! Thanks!

    • The big giant ones are made of old book pages. I think there are 10 pages in each one. I didn’t fold the pages in the center, instead I stapled each one at the bottom so they fan out.

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