Week 6 Review: Five Stars

Happy Tuesday! On this very dreary day I’ll be out searching for Week 8. Two weeks ago I bout a beautiful blush set from Nordstrom. If you remember, this was a bit of a splurge compared to the deals I found previously.

Let me tell you folks, you pay for what you get. This set is just fabulous. I feel sexy wearing it, and totally comfortable. Between the cups is a twist of fabric, this allows you to twist more for  more lift. On the average day, I don’t typically feel like I need more lift. But, it’s nice to have that option!

The panties are also very comfortable, although the small was a little larger than anticipated. I washed and dried them (oops, hand wash only) and they shrank just enough to fit perfectly.

This is truly the perfect every day set. I’m not sure if I’ll spend this kind of money again during this project, but for those of you who can afford to spend 60 dollars on a bra and panty set it is well worth it.

Wish me luck on today. I’m going to attempt the discount stores again.


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