Perfectly Pink

What can a person say about the color pink? I could probably say a lot, it is my favorite. I love everything about it. I love the way I look in it (although surprisingly I don’t wear a lot of it), I love the way it looks in rooms, I love the way it makes me feel and I really love the way it makes other people feel.

I think it is probably the happiest most whimsical color there is. I think it can be glamorous and sexy. It is youthful and timeless. It is perfect. And, it is especially perfect for a wedding.

Love This Gown


For the Groom


I love Dahlias!


I love different styled dresses, even different tones


Antique Roses. Very Romantic.






Gorgeous Bold Table Scape


Hot Pink and Navy. Very Regal.


Love All The Feathery Petals


Such Gorgeous Details. Such Soft Colors Make Me Swoon


Such a lovely place setting. So whimsical.


Eclectic and Simple Bridesmaid Dresses


Bright Pop of Color! So Fun!


Such Beautiful Water Color Stationary


Love these details.



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