On A Budget? We’ve Got You Covered

Everyone has a wedding budget. Whether itsy bitsy or grand and ever growing, every wedding has a budget. You can spend astronomical amounts of money on every detail of the wedding if you have the means. But, the ‘less is more’ mantra is seemingly more popular all the time. Small intimate indie weddings are becoming more and more popular, and certainly are becoming more and more appreciated by the wedding industry. Being a DIY bride is something of an achievement, and the more personal your details the more memorable your day for your guests.

So, today we are featuring some great colorful DIY budget ideas that guests will love and always remember.

Common bright flowers in vintage tins are a great affordable way to do your own center pieces.


Bright colorful Gum Balls and M&Ms in decorative mason jars make great additons to a dessert table. And, the kids wont complain.


Ribbons! Ribbons are so affordable and easy to hang just about anywhere. They are perfect because you can color match them exactly in a variety of textures.


These ribbon wands are used when the bride and groom are annouced husband and wife. This would be so fun with such a great photo opp.


This couple used berries and plant heads as escort card decoration. These are so organic looking and the colors are just amazing.


Using the wedding party bouquets as head table centerpieces cuts back on floral costs, and keeps the bouqets looking gorgeous throughout. And, garden variety flowers are more affordable than others, especially when they're in season.


Centerpieces from potted plants is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. You can give the centerpieces away as favors, or plant them in the yard after the wedding. I lvoe this table cloth.

There are so many great budget savvy ideas out there. Please share your favorites.




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