Week 8 Review: Four Stars

Week 8 was purchased from Nordstrom Rack. It is really beautiful. Overall I gave it four stars because of the comfort and style of it. Is it the most comfortable set I own? No. But, it is definitely the most comfortable most stylish set. It is incredibly sexy and fun. The bright fuchsia color does make it more difficult to wear under everything, but the fit if great.

To me, half the comfort is how much I love the way I look in it. If I’ve got on drab nude under things, I am not nearly as confident about my sexy factor as I am when I’m wearing something hot pink and lacy. This is not to say that actual comfort isn’t exceptionally important too.

The band on the bra was a little bit itchy the first time I wore it. I have sort of sensitive skin in the winter, so it could have been just me. But after I washed it didn’t bother me anymore. The bra fit GREAT! The lift was just right for everyday wear.

The panties are also very comfortable. Though, I could have stood for them to be just a little bit smaller. The band was just right at the start of the day. But, over the course of a few hours it did stretch out a little. I’ve found this happens with a lot of panties, but normally if they are a little snug after being washed they fit perfect after an hour (It’s like jeans).

Over all though, I’m thrilled with Betsy Johnson! She really does make beautiful flattering things, and who doesn’t love a hot pink bra and panty?

I would buy this one again!

P.S. I know I’ve been really lackadaisical about writing reviews. Thank you for your patience. I am still waiting for Week 7 to arrive. They took it straight to the UPS center, they wouldn’t give my package to my husband. So, now I have to trek all the way down there to try to get it. So far, this ordering online thing is not worth it.



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