Week 10: Nude Convertible From Aerie

Good afternoon, I hope everyone in the general Chicago area is enjoying this unseasonable weather today. I ventured out initially today to see what the king of department stores, Macy’s, had to offer. It turns out, nothing in my size. Nothing. So, it was obviously not going to work out. They really didn’t seem to have anything in my price range either. Luckily I went to the Water Tower Place location instead of the State Street Macy’s. So, I was able to search a few other stores to see what was available.

I walked past American Eagle. Typically, I pass by all together. In general I’ve outgrown it. But, then I remembered that This week I received a little mail flyer about 40% off bras for their Aerie line. Most American Eagle Stores don’t carry Aerie, and I really didn’t know if this one would. But, to my happy surprise they did!

They really didn’t have any true sets, but I made due. The girl was really trying to steer me to the bra that gives you two extra cup sizes, but I just don’t know if two extra cup sizes will fit in my B cup shirts. Also, I think I’d look funny with two extra cup sizes and it’s just unnecessary. I remembered a few years ago (and by a few I mean like 5) I had a convertible bra from AE that was so comfortable. It was my favorite bra. So, I decided that we should see if it is still a great bra.

The shopping experience was pretty pleasant. Everything was so organized. It took me no time to find my size in each bra category. That never happens. I was a little bit disappointment in their underwear selection, but the bras were such a good deal how could I resist.

What I got:

The bra is the Abigail full convertible push up. This was the most similar to the one I had before. It is a very deep plunge, has the sort of non slip plastic on the inside of the band and comes with three different options for straps. It is made of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex. It should be hand washed only and line dry. It was originally priced at $39.50 but I got it for $23.70.

The panties are not an exact match for the bra, but I thought that if I’m going to be wearing them together I need something that is as strapless dress appropriate. They only had one nude panty. I got the Vintage Lace Tanga. They are lacy and sheer. They’re made of 98% Nylon and 2% Spandex. They are very similar in fit and style to the nude lace panties I purchased for Week One from GAP. These however were not on sale. I paid $12.50 for them.

This is very similar to the first GAP set, but I do wear that one a lot. Everyone needs a convertible bra, and everyone at some point is going to need a skin tone strapless bra. I thought that this was a perfectly necessary set, although not the most unique. And for $36.20 before tax how can you complain.
P.S. I got Week 7 in yesterday (thank god). Look forward to a review soon, it’s going to be a good one!


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