Week 7 Review: 5 Stars

Remember how pessimistic I was being about Week 7. How I wasn’t sure what it would be like because I ordered it online, then it took forever and UPS wouldn’t deliver it to my house or let my husband pick it up. It was a pain, but the good news is: IT IS AMAZING!

If you remember, I purchased this set online from Haute Look (one of those daily deal sites). It took about a week longer than anticipated to arrive. Then UPS wouldn’t deliver it, my husband went to pick it up, they wouldn’t give it to him so then I had to have a friend take me to get it (The UPS store could not be more inconveniently located. And, we’re a one car family). But, it turned out to be all worth it. I honestly am excited to wear it again.

Just goes to show you, that it is best to be optimistic, you never know how wonderful something might be. I absolutely love everything about this set. It is absolutely my favorite one. It fits so great!

The material is really smooth, like almost bathing suite material. But the fit is so natural. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a bra and underwear that looked this good on while being so ultimately comfortable. I wore them all day at work and all that evening out and I didn’t even notice anything. That’s the way you want them to fit right? I haven’t had a push up that felt as natural as this one before. Total win.



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