Let’s Bring Back: White Gloves

I bought the book Let’s-Bring-Back by Lesley M. M. Blume a few months ago to give as a white elephant gift. But, then I started flipping through it and I liked it so much I had to keep it. The tag line is “An encyclopedia of forgotten yet delightful, chic, useful, curious, and otherwise commendable things from times gone by.” This book is a super sweet and funny way to point out all of the traditions and accessories society has let go. While I think much of her things to bring back are permanently forgotten a few are attempting to re-emerge. One in particular are white gloves, and if not for the every day, certainly for weddings.

In honor of the new BHLDN store, I would love to feature some of their gorgeous gloves.

Fifty-Fifty Gloves $150

Tidy & Trim Gloves $160

Victoriana Gloves $60

Traced Outline Gloves $100

Convenant Gloves $240

Unabashedly Gloves $60


I hope you enjoy these! I wish I’d worn some lovely little gloves. For spring I’m going to invest in some lunch gloves.


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