Week 11: Online Shopping ASOS

This week I’ve had a very hard time motivating myself to get out of the house. There isn’t exactly any reason for it other than straight laziness. Well, I took this lack of motivation as a sign that maybe I should explore my online shopping options. I looked around for a while, and decided that I should really try to shop at an online store that doesn’t have a real world store.

I chose ASOS because I really like their wide variety and general style. I’ve only ever purchased accessories from ASOS, but I’ve loved them all. They have great prices and such a wide selection of everything. I wanted to find something that was a little bit prettier than the sets I’ve purchased the last two weeks. So, I settled on this really well priced white lacy set.

The Details:

I settled on the ASOS Corded Lace Longline Bra. The bra is more like a bustier, which I’m kind of excited about. It has soft cups and a underwire. It is made of 75% Cotton and 25% Nylon. It should be hand-washed only and was $35.81.

I got the matching Corded Lace Hipster Briefs. They are just a standard brief, made of 75% Cotton and 25% Nylon. They are also hand-washed only and they cost $21.49.

A huge plus to shopping online is the coupons you can find for every site. Retail Me Not is a great site for finding coupons for almost every online shopping medium. I found a 20% off coupon for ASOS, which ended up taking 11.46 off my originally $57.30.  So, my total came out to $45.84! YAY! I love deals!

I’m supposed to expect my package by the 17th. Which is pretty quick, I think, a little less than 10 days. I’m pretty excited about it! We’ll see how it is when it gets here!


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