Week 10 Review: Five Stars

Week 10 was the convertible nude set from Aerie (aka American Eagle). I have purchased a similar bra before and loved it. Well, I’ve not been at all disappointed. I love it actually, and I was surprised by how much lift it gives. When I wear this strapless, I think it will be the ideal strapless bra.

I feel like I almost can’t put this bra in the same category as all of my other bras because it is not traditionally comfortable. It holds you in and doesn’t move at all. I think that possibly some people might find it restricting, but in this type of bra, you need that kind of stability. When worn in the strapless fashion, you need it to not move at all, other wise you might end up with your bra at your waste (not that this has ever happened to me, haha).

The panties are very comfortable. Not really a lot to say about them. In comparison to the very similar pair I purchased from GAP, they are not quite as comfortable but the color is closer to my skin tone (I’m exceptionally pale). It is not that they aren’t comfortable, it’s just that I prefer the GAP pair. I can’t exactly articulate why.

But, at the end of the day, I love this set! I can’t wait till I have a reason to wear the bra strapless (hint*husband*hint).

I’m going out today to search for Week 12. I’m having a hard time coming up with a good place to shop for it. I need to explore the sale racks at small privately owned stores. Please, if you have any ideas of where I should shop this week, I need help!


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