Week 14: Back to the GAP!

I’m terrible, I know. I really shouldn’t be allowed to write, I’m so lazy. Maybe I can explain…

I recently was alerted that I have to find a new apartment. I don’t know if many of you know the trying time it is looking for an apartment. Our wish list is long, our pockets are shallow and the selection is dismal. Chicago rents are trying to catch up to New York City’s, which is crazy. So, I’ve essentially spent all of my mental energy on trying to find a roof to put over my head.

Anyway, I really wasn’t going to shop at GAP again so soon, but there I was in there already looking at some very colorful jeans and a woman told me they had just reduced a bunch of bras! How could I resist? Please tell me.

So there were MANY options, I picked out my three favorite bras and then went to the panties baskets to find their mates. I found all three mates! Brilliant! And all in my size! I LOVE THE GAP!

What I Got:

I purchased the Favorite Wireless bra in a pale blue and salmon print. It is so soft and the straps can be made into a racer-back. It is made of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex, should be hand washed and line dried. It also is tag-less! It was originally priced at $36 but was on sale for $22.99.

The panties are the matching print Ultra Low Rise Hip Tanga. They are made of the same variety of Nylon and Spandex. They are not tag-less, I wish they were. They are safe to machine wash and machine dry. Originally the panties were priced at $14.50 but I got them for $9.99.

I personally have never had a wireless bra. I’d be very interested to hear what the readers think.

Also, this is the half way mark! Only 14 more weeks to go!


One thought on “Week 14: Back to the GAP!

  1. You’re half way there!! This might be one of my favorites so far. Hopefully it will get a good review. I have never worn a wireless bra either, so I am interested in the feedback!

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