DIY Feature: Paper Protea From Ruffled

Ruffled is one of my all time favorite wedding blogs. They feature beautiful unique weddings, styled shoots and lots of DIY tutorials. This particular tutorial is from Rachel Coddington of the Etsy shop Sunny and Stumpy.

diy paper artichokes place cards


Essentially, all you have to do is print out the PDF file on Ruffled to cut out all of your pieces. The smallest pieces will be your petals and the star shapes will be the base. The other piece is the center of the flower.


diy tutorial blue paper flower protea from rachel coddington

There is a very detailed tutorial available on Ruffled, but it seems very easy. You can do them in so many different colors and really make them look just how you like.

diy paper flowers


I feel like if your feeling extra creative you might be able to make extra-large ones. I think big ones would be really cool as centerpieces.


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