Week 13 Review: 4 Stars

Week 13 was another Nordstrom Rack purchase. It was blue and sporty with a really cool print on it. And, over all it was a great success! The bra is really great, fits perfect! Like perfect perfect! It has quite a bit of push up, which is kind of nice sometimes considering that about half of the sets I’ve purchased are not a push-up.

The panties is where the problem lies. I’ve really not experienced any real problem with any of the panties up till now. They are simply not good to wear with jeans. They creep up terribly bad. It is the worst feeling to bend over and just know that the world is suddenly seeing the top of your underwear. They would not stay in place. And, my jeans are not super low-rise.This is the main reason I’ve found that I just don’t really like the boy short style panty.

They are really comfortable, and I’ll continue to wear them with skirts and dresses.

But, over all the comfort level is very high here. The functionality however does not meet expectations.

I hope everyone is having beautiful weather today. Chicago is really spring today.


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