Week 16: Calvin Klein at Macy’s

Yes, I’m late. I’m about four days late, actually. I’ve been unreasonably busy with work and searching for an apartment. It’s exhausting. Well hopefully after today the long search is over. We found a beautiful one! And, I finally I am catching up with this project.

Today was another beautiful day in Chicago, I headed to Macy’s after work to just see what I could see. After meandering around the make-up counters and perfume samples for longer than I can actually recall I landed upstairs at a very gorgeous display of Calvin Klein. The last time I went to Macy’s I couldn’t find a single 32 B. Not one. I wasn’t getting my hopes up. But, to my amazement there were tons of them. In nearly every single style there were 32Bs! All of the matching panties were sitting right here by the bras. I love a well organized store!

Cotton Sporty Sets

The Calvin Klein stuff was all an extra 25% off! They had so many different styles, all Calvin Klein! I debated on the lace half cups, the 100% cotton or the pretty printed push-ups. They were all so tempting! I settled on a pretty printed push up. I feel like I haven’t done a standard push-up in a while, and after all they are my favorite style.


Another gorgeous set, that I really considered.

What I got:

The color is messed up here, but you an kind of see the really great print.

The bra is a push up with this really beautiful lavender and cream rosy squiggly print. There is this beautiful scalloped lace that goes around the cups. It is super super soft. The bra is made of 76% nylon and 24% elastane. It should be hand washed only. It was originally priced at $46.00 and I got it for $34.50. Woo Hoo!

The panties are a standard brief with the same scalloped lace around the top and the legs. It has the same beautiful print! This color is just lovely. They are made of %82 nylon and 18% elastane. They should be machine washed in cold water and line dried. They were originally priced at $28.00 and I got them for $21.00.

I’ll admit this set was a little bit pricier than I like, mainly just the panties. I would have prefered them to be about $15.00. Well, we can’t have everything can we. I certainly found this shopping trip to be one of my most enjoyable as of recent. It was so easy to find exactly what I wanted, and for $55.50! I love having lots of options and being able to make a good decision instead of having to settle because it’s my only option. Macy’s is a winner!


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