Let’s Bring Back: Gemstone Engagement Rings

I’ve bought the very fun party book Let’s Bring Back by Leslie Bloom. I’ve written before about traditions that have been lost and forgotten that maybe have enough merit to be brought back. So, today, we’ll explore gemstone engagement rings.

Today’s large diamond companies have heavily marketed the necessity of showing one’s love for your soon-to-be betrothed through a diamond and a diamond alone; yet there is something wonderful about Victorian-era non diamond gemstone engagement rings. Let’s bring back fiery, neon-flecked opals, clear aquamarines, the size of skipping stones; delicately domed turquoise; and deep-blue sapphires to adorn our beloveds’ ring fingers instead of the tried-but-true diamond engagement ring. Of course, there’s no need to oust the diamonds altogether – just heavily lave the borders of the other precious gems with old mine-cut diamonds for a dose of sparkle and modern tradition.

~Lisa Galzer: Designer, LuLu Frost Jewelry

Oval Emerald and Diamond Split Shank Ring in White Metal of Heirloom Quality Stone

The Vintage Rose Set in White Metal of Heirloom Quality Stone

Pear Ruby and Diamond Border Ring

I hope you enjoy all of these beautiful rings! Please click on the pictures to be taken to the sources.


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