Week 17: A Rainy Afternoon in Anthropologie

Work, work, work, work, work. That’s all I seem to do lately. I’m actually a week behind on this project (did anyone know?). I haven’t really felt like I’ve had much direction with this project lately. I would really love any advice or ideas anyone can give me.

I noticed the last time I was in Express that they started to carry lingerie. That was my original idea. Fail. All they really had were bandeau and sort of sports bras. That’s all just fine. But, not exactly what I’m looking for.

I didn’t have just tons of time, so I wondered over to Anthropologie (so delightful, you really must go in and check out all of their new spring stuff). After nearly thirty minutes of perusing around all the beautiful things I can’t afford I came across the PERFECT set for this week.

This set is very vercital and wearable, while still being very romantic and sexy. I’m really excited about this one.

What I got:

Aren't the ruffles cute!

The bra is a front clasping bustier. The clasps are little eyelet clasps. On the entire bra is beautiful french script that sort of fades in and out. The back of the bra is totally sheer, and the straps are completely convertible. I think this will be perfect under summer dresses and nude enough to be worn everyday. The bra is made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex. It is handwash only and should be dried flat. I paid the full price for it at only $34.00.

The panties are a standard brief with the script on the front and totally sheer sides and back. The back also has some gathering similar to the set I purchased for Week 5 from Top Shop. The Nylon Spandex blend is the same as the bra. The panties are also to be handwashed only and dried flat. I paid $18.00 for the panties.

I love this style of bra because it totally stays in place. It is like the child of the standard bra and corset. This is definitely not a bad deal for a set that I think I’ll be able to wear pretty regularly and from Anthropologie.


3 thoughts on “Week 17: A Rainy Afternoon in Anthropologie

  1. If you are starting to feel a little lack of direction or lost with this project maybe you can try a new one? Even though the original goal was to have a project you can achieve, you’re not going to feel more accomplished if you’re just getting burned out… (Especially after the one star review last week). One idea is to take the average amount you’ve spent on sets each week, multiply it by the weeks you have left and invest that money in the new project. Maybe invest in advertising or some other way of growing your planning business! Wedding season is coming up soon, so maybe the project could be based on something with that! Or if you want to keep going with this project, you could make a list of the types of bras you still need and check them off as you find them. If you want to you could designate so many of the weeks to buying more lingerie style than just the bra and panty sets. Anyways just a few ideas – take them or leave them! 🙂

  2. super cute molly! sorry you aren’t feeling much direction with this – so sad since buying pretty undies should be FUN! i’m with lee – maybe you should revise the project or you know i always like a good list! also (and slightly off-topic) – i know you posted pics of your own wedding a while back but i really think you should do an in-depth post about it sometime with all the gory details (things you bought, what you DIYed, budget, stresses, etc) so that people can really see what you can do as a planner!

    ps…do you read the blog “a beautiful mess” by chance? if not you really should…it’s these super cute and creative sisters from Springfield, MO and they own a vintage clothing/cupcake business there. anyway, the point – in case you take lee’s advice and have some extra money to redirect – is that they made some e-courses that sound really fabulous that are less than $40 – http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/e-course-catalog.html – i think the “dream job” or “blog love” ones both sound really cool!

    pps – love you and can’t wait to see you become a hugely successful wedding planner! xoxo

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