Review Week 16: Five Stars

Since, Week 15 was such a bust I’m thrilled to report that Week 16 was a total success! This set has one of the most comfortable sets of underwear in the whole lot! The bra is really attractive on top of it!

This is one of the sets that I spent a little bit more money on. I normally like to stay around $30 for the whole thing, but here I ended up spending about $55. But, this just goes to show you that you get what you pay for! I love this set, and I feel like I look good in it!

This is the second set I’ve purchased from Calvin Klein, and man they do not disappoint. I think I’m slowly learning that while I love the way lace and mesh looks, but the smooth Nylon Spandex blend is much more comfortable, and I think holds up better. Anyway, I feel like I hit the jack pot on this one!



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