Review Week 17: Four Stars

Week 17 was my sort of come to Jesus week, where I was really trying to rally and get myself back into this project. Well, it worked. This is one of my favorite sets. Anthropologie is absolutely one of my favorite places to be at any given time. While, I can’t afford anything there I really do just love to be surrounded by all of the beautiful and inspiring things in life. And, this set makes me feel that way too.

The set is totally comfortable for all day wear. Well, that is if your day doesn’t involve any sweating. I work in a very hot busy restaurant (Ugh, she’s talking about waitressing again, geez when will this girl stop complaining about her job) and the little non slip bands across the front and bottom don’t feel good when your sweating. But, when I’m not working they feel just great.

I do think that this set may not work for everyone. There is no way to adjust the width (like with most bras). So, if you’re not exactly that size you’re kinda screwed. But, all in all I love it, and have worn it more often in the last few weeks than any of my others.

By the way, GAP is having a huge sale today on Bras! I’m going. I don’t care what you think of me.

Happy Friday!


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