Week 20: Aerie’s Super Push-Up

I decided to kind of go outside of my comfort zone with this one. I love a nice push-up but I’ve hardly had anything but the standard lift. Every time I check out Aerie they seem to have a lot of new styles, which is sort of nice. Everything there is organized really nicely, but the sales people are a little bit pushy. I prefer a be around if I need any help approach rather than a stalking me around the store. Though, don’t get me wrong she was really nice.

What I got:

The bra is a super push-up ‘Mia’ style. It comes with extra little plastic things that go into the cups, and apparently gives you a whole extra cup size. It is a full convertible with an extra wide band with three prong hooks for more support. Without the  extra padding it’s a pretty standard push-up.

I really love the style of this bra. It one of the more mature styles they have that aren’t just totally plain. The little flowery details are super cute! Interesting though, I had to go up to a 34 B in this bra. The woman told me that these tend to run a little small. I’m not really sure why. The bra was originally $49.50 but they were having a 40% off bras sale so I got it for $29.70! What a deal!

So much push-up!

Plastic Insert Things…

The panties are a pretty standard brief. They also have matching thong for this set, but they didn’t have any in my size. They also have the same flower details on the top.  Both the panties and the bra are made of a Nylon Spandex blend. But, the overall feel is mesh. The panties were not on sale but not terribly expensive at $10.00.

Honestly, I feel a little awkward in this bra. I’m not used to how I look with an extra cup size. But, I guess it might be necessary at some point. I have two weeks to make up for now. Please let me know if you hear of any sales going on.


2 thoughts on “Week 20: Aerie’s Super Push-Up

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  2. hi,
    I haven’t tried this Mia yet and would love to but it’s impossible because I do not live in the US so obviously cannot go to their stores and try it on. 😦
    and the problem is I’m in between sizes (hovering between 32 and 34 band size – aerie 32 band size fits a little too snug and their 34 band size is sadly a little too loose on me as I’ve ordered a 32B and a 34B bra from aerie online), I’m a B cup (I think a 33B would fit me perfectly but there’s no such size at aerie). I’m just a little desperate about which is the perfect aerie bra size for me because I love aerie bras so much. so any advice for me? 😦
    thanks a lot! 🙂

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