Week 22: Blush Lingerie on GILT

I’m getting an early start today, and doing a little online shopping. GILT is by far one of my favorite online sale sites. They feature higher end designers than some of the others and their product’s quality proves to be equally high end. I actually found my Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses on GILT when they were doing a full wedding exclusive. I’ve also ordered random jewelry from them before and other little things here and there.

GILT is not known for being exceptionally cheap by any means. They carry many products that, even after a generous discount, will set you back more than one very pretty penny. But, this does not mean that sometimes you can’t find really good deals on really affordable brands.

Like today, for instance, GILT is featuring Blush Lingerie. Blush is not normally expensive but any little bit helps right. Blush features everything from sexy corsets to everyday comfort. Their styles are sexy and practical at the same time. They also feature some really fun vintage styles and  sleep wear too.

What I got:

Blush Lingerie Stretch Dot Thong

I decided on the Stretch Dot Set. It looks comfortable and practical. And, I really love retro navy and white polka dots. I need more every day sets rather than fancy lacy sets. I think this is going to be a perfect addition.

Blush Lingerie Stretch Dot Push-Up Bra

The bra is a push-up with thicker straps. I think they thicker straps will make it the bra really comfortable. The back of the bra is sheer navy. It is made out of 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane Mesh. The bra should only be hand washed and was originally priced at $38 but was on sale on GILT for $24. What a good deal!

Blush Lingerie Stretch Dot Thong

The panties are a standard bikini thong. I haven’t done a thong in a while, so I thought it might be time. I hope that it will be comfortable. It is made of the same blend of fibers and I assume can be machine washed. It was originally priced at $24 but it was on sale for $14.

I definitely understand the risks with online shopping. This set could be great or it could totally suck. We’ll see. I really do like the other set I purchased online. So, hopefully this will be a winner too! It is not set to arrive until late May early June.


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