Week 23: Coral Satin from Anthropologie

I’m getting back in the swing of things, folks! After a very long day at work I wondered into my happy place. That’s right, Anthropologie. Don’t you love the disheveled faux vintage displays, the rustic unfinished decor, not to mention the inventory. Oh, it is such good therapy. While almost everything in the store is out of my price range, the lingerie is really quite affordable.

I’ve been obsessed with oranges, corals, tangerines, and reds this year (which is really not typically like me). So, when I saw this beautiful vintage inspired set, and in CORAL, how could I resist?

What I Got:

This clouded morning set is by Eloise, and the whole thing is very vintage inspired and seems to be made for comfort. Both the bra and the panties are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. The fabric gives off a sort of sheen that gives it a sort of satin look. On the tag of both the bra and panties it says ‘Keep Away From Fire’. I don’t know what this means. But, I find it entertaining.

The bra is called the clouded morning bra a corset style bustier with six eyelet hooks rather typical two or three. There is a lot of lace detail around the cups and around the band. The back portion of the straps is olive green. Which I find really fun! The bra can be machine washed but line dried. I paid $28.00 for it.

The panties are a sort of vintage style brief with a lot of gathering around the legs. There is more lace detail around the top of the panties. I love these panties. They were only $12.00!

Overall I think this set will be very good! I look forward to wearing it!


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