Week 21 Review: Two Stars

Well, Target has proved to be a constant disappointment (I’m so sorry Target, darling, but I just must tell the truth. I still love almost everything else about you, it’s just your lingerie department is so not worth the trip.). Week 21 was sort of an impulse buy anyway.

First let me just say that the panties are perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. The problem lies in the bra.

The soft cups are not a big problem, though a little more structure is my personal preference. The material is soft and feels more expensive than it was. The real problem is the band. It has no elasticity. For a person who has to you know; work, cook, play and I don’t know… breath, the inflexibility is sort of inconvenient. In fact, it’s downright painful.

Anyway, I didn’t pay very much for it. The panties are quite comfortable on top of it. So, not quite a complete loss.


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