A Really Quick DIY Corsage

So, I bought some beautiful cheap nearly dying flowers today at my local grocery (their floral selection is getting much worse). When I got them home all these little pieces started falling off. I was sort of upset. I lost like two whole stems.

So, rather than wallowing in my unfortunate purchase, I made something from them.

These are all the little pieces I started with. Aren’t they just lovely?

The twine I used to bind the flowers.

All Done! Ta Da! It could have been a little neater, but it turned out sorta cute.


This little corsage was so easy, but probably wouldn’t last very long in an actual wedding for a few reasons.

One: The flowers were sort of dying already.

Two: I couldn’t find any of the floral tape (which I like to use to bind the stems together). You can’t really stick a pin through and expect it to hold without the tape.

Three: I didn’t have any ribbon, just some cooking twine (haha, yes that’s right I used cooking twine). Cooking twine is too flexible to really hold, but regular twine would work out just fine.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this messy little DIY. I’ll try another with real supplies later on!


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