Review Week 22: Five Stars

Week 22 was the polka dot online purchase from GILT. I’ve purchased many lovely things from GILT before, from every day jewelry to my bridesmaid dresses (VERA WANG BABY! $150!).

I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve purchased from GILT, although I don’t by just a tone of stuff from them (they are a little bit more expensive than some other daily sale sites.). This set is just perfect! There is literally nothing to complain about. Everything fits just like it was made for me.

But, the best part is how thick the straps are on the bra. These slightly thicker straps make it so much more comfortable than the average bra. I spoke to some of my larger chested friends, and they said that they would really appreciate larger straps on more bras. Especially on bras that come in larger sizes. Support Ladies!

The fabric of both is a super soft blend. I just can’t emphasize enough how comfortable this set is!

If you are interested in this set, Anthropologie is carrying a similar one (same brand, same material, different cut). If you own or purchase this one, please let me know how you liked it.


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