Four Grocery Store Bouquets = Five Lovely Arrangements

I try to always keep fresh flowers in most rooms of my apartment all the time. I read in Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure by Maxwell Gillingham Ryan of Apartment Therapy (one of my top five blogs ever):

Buying Fresh flowers each week is an affordable luxury that will instantly enliven and beautify your home. It also sets a standard for attention to detail that will inspire you each day on your return home.

So, since reading this I try very hard to keep fresh flowers in all of the most-used rooms in my apartment (Living Room, Bedroom (it’s where I write), Dining Room and yes, even the bathroom. It really makes a huge difference in the way I feel in my house. I truly don’t obsessively fuss over the dog hair, dust and general clutter nearly as much when I have fresh flowers. The apartment immediately feels more beautiful and natural.

I go grocery shopping about once every 10 days or so, and I always try to just pick up a couple of bundles there to mix and match around the apartment. So, today I’m going to show you how I arranged my flowers (because I think this time they turned out extra lovely).

So, I bought:

2 Bundles of Baby’s Breathe

1 Bundle of Little Daisy/Poppy Flowers

1 Bundle of Thin Small Bud Flowers (I don’t know what they’re called… embarrassing).

All are white-ish and each were $4.

And this is what I got:

I always put this tiny little vase (it’s actually a glass from my favorite bar) in the bathroom with just a few stems that I normally cut way too short.

I put this more medium vase (actually a carafe from the attic of a restaurant I used to work in) in the bedroom with a few more stem in it.

This small cylinder vase pretty much always goes in the middle of the kitchen table. I always sort of end up making it look like a bouquet, although that is never my intention.

This next one is my pride and joy of this whole venture. I normally put this vase in the living room on the tray I keep on the coffee table. I love the way this arrangement turned out. It’s totally gorgeous!

The last one was just the left overs. I normally don’t do anything in the kitchen, cause I feel like it creates more clutter on my surfaces. But, a few little baby’s breathe stems is nothing to do.

This all may seem sort of silly or superficial. But, it really does create a much more creative and beautiful feeling in my home. As I sit here and write this I feel peaceful. And, what more can you want from your home?




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