Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan

The Great Gatsby is absolutely my favorite book! I have been obsessed with the character Daisy Buchanan since I first read the book in the 10th grade. She is the most provocative and well developed female characters I’ve ever read. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote his wife Zelda  into all of his leading ladies, and I think that Carey Mulligan is such a perfect portrayal of my favorite author’s muse. I can’t wait to see the movie on May 10th!

As Daisy, Mulligan portrays a woman whose voice, Fitzgerald famously wrote, “is full of money.”

“Daisy has got to be a kind of hothouse flower,” Leonardo DiCaprio (Gatsby) observed to Luhrmann after Mulligan’s audition.

“It’s like she’s living in a movie of her own life,” says Mulligan of Daisy. “She’s constantly on show.”

Check out the full interview with Carey here.

via: Vogue April 2013




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