Introducing Ancestry Quarterly!

Ancestry Quarterly is a new interior design magazine hitting Chicago August of this year. They focus on unique spaces designed by both everyday people and striving artists. This young group of artists doesn’t limit themselves to only focusing on one type of design, but they are dedicated to showcasing all forms of art, and exploring personal and public spaces. Their first issue includes a photo essay capturing the unique culture in Columbus Park in New York, poetry, an in-depth interview with Chicago’s Sprout Home and so much more.


Lucky for you, there is a great opportunity to get involved in the making of Ancestry. Ancestry is dedicated to raising $9,000 before August 1 to Kickstart their first issue.  On top of feeling great about yourself for supporting the arts, the incentives for donating are awesome. Depending on the dollar amount you contribute, you will receive tickets to the launch party, copies of the issue, an issue poster and this super sweet screen printed tote bag.


I’ve got you now, don’t I? You want that tote bag, don’t you?

So, go on. Support my friends over at Ancestry!


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