So Blue…

Yay for home improvement projects!!! My husband and I have had these three tables since the very beginning of college. And, seven moves and some time spent outside has left them less than ideal looking. I had been thinking about painting them for a long time, but hadn’t found any inspiration for a paint color/style.

But, thanks to Pinterst I found inspiration!

Via Little Green Notebook

Via Little Green Notebook

Let’s talk about why this picture is so perfect! The color combination is fresh and happy while still feeling luxurious and classy! This color could work in any room of my house.I’m also obsessed with gold hardware right now. I just freaking love it!

So here is what they looked like before:


The small table on the left is the one that I painted. It was in the worst shape out of all of them from being left outside for a while.


This set of coffee tables was the first piece of furniture I ever purchased for myself before moving to Chicago. This table has burn marks, water rings and bite marks from my dog when she was a puppy.


Another angle of the same table. I don’t have a before picture of the smaller version of this coffee table (BAD BLOGGER!).

I rough sanded the tops of the tables a little, applied two coats of the Galapagos Turquoise semi gloss paint and primer. Then I applied a two coats of Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane. The quick dry didn’t seem very quick, but what do I know.

And now, for the transformation!


This is the smaller version! It’s hard to see the color, but you get the idea. This is a little nook I make in the dining room.




No knob yet, but the color is perfect! You can’t tell at all that this was almost a trashed piece of furniture.


Doesn’t it look great with the duvet cover?


The bigger coffee table. I love the white tray with it! I should have used a wood fill for the very obvious hole. Oh well, live and learn.



I think it looks great with all the yellow I’ve added around the house, too!

My photography skills aren’t great (obviously). But, you get the general idea. It’s sorta a subtle difference, but it has totally changed the way I think about these three pieces of furniture. I’m still working on finding the ideal hardware for these pieces.

Now if only I could redo the hideous sofa just as easily!



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